With Crypto Charity Fund, you can donate to proven charities in an easy, fast, and secure way.

Crypto Charity Fund project is aimed at creating a global animal charity ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology will be used in the Fund's financial operations to ensure transparency of charity transactions and minimize the costs of transactional middlemen.

Using the CCF toolkit charities will be able to receive donations from anywhere in the world, without having to deal with bureaucratic or high-tech processes of getting heterogenous currency donations across borders, and also increase their visibility in the global network. Availability of public reporting data would make it possible for anyone to review the donation transactions and spending to ensure that help was delivered in full. Read more
Amount of CCF tokens
Donation page and ICO are in development now, but you can help our project directly:

Bitcoin: 1CCF1GgJPj3Tae2oB7AoruJCAeLoLae6aA

Ethereum: 0x1F5FB2502Caa2d6824988DaD7380BDAc217e042C
1 CCF Token equals 1 USD
ICO duration 1 month
No donation limit
ICO target is 2 million USD
Starts autumn 2017
Accept BTC/ETH
August 2017
Web-portal start
Social media channels launch
Autumn 2017
ICO 1 month
Autumn - Winter 2017
Donation program start
Winter 2017 - Spring 2018
Ecosystem development
Effective altruists helping you make this world
a better place
Dmitry Mishunin
Founder & Managing Purrtner
Entrepreneur, coach, troubleshooter. More than 10 years in IT management. Developed several large-scale e-commerce projects. Owns online marketing agency and software development studio.
LinkedIn profile
Ksenia Borodulina
Chief Murketer
Marketing Automation expert with 7 years experience in one of the best software companies in the world. Check her bitqt bewertung here.
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Gleb Zykov
Head & Tail of Development
Crypto Hero. 7+ years as a Java Team Leader in logistics software company. Here is the link to his erfahrungen bitcoin code
Charity Coordinator
The cat who inspires
If you are interested in becoming our partner or a sponsor, please write to [email protected]
Why do we run an ICO campaign?
Crowdfunding involves cooperation of millions. We would like to help people to do good and do it together, to pay their social tribute to the world. Nowadays, when the world of cryptocurrency is perceived as either a space shuttle or scam bag or money makers, it is vital to help the cryptoworld establish its identity. Crypto Charity Fund will play a critical role in adopting the cryptoindustry as the new standard.
Why do we accept only crypto currency in donations?
Right now we are focused on developing the community-management system. Handling jurisdictional questions related to fiat money regulation is out of scope now, but we have it on our roadmap.
What is a Charity?
Charity is an organisation or a person requesting a donation
How can a Charity get help from the Fund?
Charity registers on CCF website to receive donations. Charity can register themselves or with coordinator's help. When Charity is validated, it requests a donation for specific purposes. CCF Fund transfers tokens to Charity using scoring system. Charity spends tokens independently or using integrated fund's features. Charity must provide a financial report on spent tokens. Reports are moderated and published on the site.
Who are Donators?
Donator is a person or organisation giving a donation by transferring money to the Fund's account
How Donators can donate to the Charities?
Donators buy tokens on CCF website. They can delegate management of donations to the Fund or choose Charities from the list independently and donate tokens to them directly. Donators can keep tokens and donate them at any time at their discretion.

Who is the Fund Coordinator?
Coordinator carries out the fund assignments, for example, validates volunteers, moderates the reports. Coordinator receives tokens as a reward, which they can keep or spend at their own discretion. Register above to become the Fund Coordinator
I can't donate money, how else can I help?
Become the Fund Coordinator! We invite specialists who can with site content management and design, collect information on the charities, translate documentation. If you can dedicate at least several hours a week to the Fund, please register above. Join the team!
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