Why cryptoworld needs charity?
Why crypto charity?

Charity funds operate all over the world. Traditional donations are prone to many obstacles, when money transfers take time, and transaction fees are quite high. Blockchain instead is not limited to countries or borders, it reduces costs and cuts time.

Unfortunately many people especially in non-tech jobs are afraid to use the latest technologies not knowing about their potential. But cryptocurrency transfers are good for donations in many ways. The crypto currency system doesn't need banks and allows immediate transactions between individuals. Those transfers are secure and ensure total anonymity, but also total transparency at the same time. Several websites provide information of all transactions and the balance of all bitcoins.For some beneficiaries it is important that the donator's name remains unknown and blockchain transactions allow that.

Crypto benefactors among us

The concept of donations in crypto currency requires promotion.

Founders of startup project Cubits tried to promote bitcoin charity. But results were not worth the trouble. The project itself is important, its timeliness and target audience. Thus, Kiev-based group of volunteers, working with refugees from the east, got help from the English artist in bitcoins.

Forklog project often invests its own money and functions thanks to donations from readers made in bitcoins.

Global experience of cryptocoin charity

There are successful examples of using cryptocurrency for charity events. Within the program "Bitcoin against Ebola" donations were made in bitcoins. Greenpeace has signed an agreement with BitPay in order to accept digital currency, and United Way Worldwide, focusing on education and health, has announced that it accepts cryptocurrencies now. Mining projects have also joined charity: Charitycoin, Doabitofgood.

Charity is important for all crypto currency! Cryptoworld's reputation suffers from time to time, and recognition by widely known organizations will have a positive impact.

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